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  • BIWGA Privacy Policy MAIN
  • BIWGA Terms And Condition MAIN
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  • BIWGA Privacy Policy MAIN

    By sharing information with us, Biwga will use such information including personal information to create better services, provide adequate help and support, deliver an amazing personal experience to you and it will also help us create a secure and safe environment for every one by preventing fraud and illegal activities. This privacy policy will be updated on a timely basis and will explain to you how your information is aggregated, protected and used for our services. These privacy policy is your agreement for Biwga to collect, store, use and disclose your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy.
    In protecting your privacy, Biwga does not use any kind of pop up ads. We do not sell, share or rent your information to and with any third party for any commercial purposes without your explicit consent. Users under the age of 16 require parental or guardian approval and consent in other to post in our services. Biwga also does not control and is not responsible for the privacy policies of third party websites linked through Biwga or its users, members and advertisers. It is important that you read the privacy policies of the third party websites that you visit.
    We also do not engage in any kind of unsolicited communications for commercial purposes without your consent unless you subscribe to our newsletter or you agree to participate in any of our commercial programs. It is important that you keep your password safe and secure. Use numbers, unique words and special characters to create your password if necessary. Your use and activity is sometimes associated and connected with your user ID and is available to users and fellow members. It is very important that you are honest and transparent in any of your activity, content or post. Biwga does not store any credit card information and any transaction transmitted is protected using SSL technology.
    Biwga collects, uses and stores information and data including;
    - Web and page logs, IP addresses, URLs, dates and timestamps are collected to help improve the quality, reliability and functioning of our website which includes providing better and improved experiences with our services.
    - In order to provide better services to you and for billing and verification purposes, Biwga collects contact and personal details including you name and any physical contact information.
    - Email addresses are used for authorizations, confirmations and verifications to your Biwga account, profile, forums, listings, newsletters etc.
    - It is important not to share or post any private information you intend to keep private on your profile, listings, discussion forums or any of our other services.
    - Biwga can collect and keep filled form data, feedbacks or comments, discussions, community instant messages and forum messages with many others posted on any of our available services.
    - Information from any interaction with our content and services like page views and web traffic are used for analysis and providing a better experience.
    As a member, you can access, change, modify or update your profile information. Your information is an asset to us that must be protected. All items, content, posts or listings provided to any of our available services are securely stored in our database or they are archived. Encryptions are one of the many ways we prevent and protect your passwords. Even though, your information is protected and stored in a safe and secure database, certain circumstances that rarely occur but if they do can be beyond our complete control can breach or jeopardize its safety and security.
    Biwga content, posts and items can be archived or available at search engines sites like google.com, yahoo.com, archive sites and other website sites not affiliated with Biwga.
    If you are an international user, you consent to the transfer and transmission of provided data and information outside your resident jurisdiction.
    Including and not limiting to these circumstances, Biwga can and may, in its own discretion, save or disclose your content if required to enforce the T&C, protect rights and property of its users or the public’s personal safety, comply with legal proceedings, respond to claims of third parties rights being violated and respond to claims that unwarranted information of a third-party has been posted without consent. Other information, such as your email addresses, IP addresses, timestamps, and others can also be disclosed.
    Also, Biwga may release information in response to any legal process like subpoenas and court orders. Biwga may disclose information about its user’s to law enforcement officers or others, if required to do so by law, to enforce our terms and conditions, respond to claims of rights violation, protect property and intellectual rights and provide the safety of Biwga, its users or the general public in the case of any threats. Biwga may release information to affiliates and third party service providers who help in the daily operation and function of our activities, content and services.

    We welcome your questions and comments here
    Or in the Biwga Feedback Forum if you are a member.


    BIWGA Terms And Condition MAIN


    The following is a legal agreement between you and Biwga. In this agreement, “Biwga”, “we”, “us”, and “our” means Biwga. “You” and “Your” means each and every user of this service; including person, group, and company able to view or use this service, and each and every other person, group, or company authorized to maintain an account including on this website, perform transactions and interact via the website. “T&C” means the following Terms & Conditions. Please read this entire agreement carefully so you understand the terms, and applicable policies and laws regarding the use of this website.
    Biwga is an online directory that provides a diverse categorization of content, products and services, including promotions, posts, listings, ads, forums, and various other services not mentioned above subject to the following T&C. By using any of our services including and not limited to accessing, browsing or consuming our premium service products or using this website, you agree that you have read, understood, accept to be bound by these T&C and comply with the applicable laws and guidelines for all Biwga. If you do not agree to these T&C, please do not use any of our services. Strictly enforcing the T&C through any means necessary including personal contribution, content moderation or legal processes is our right, but is not our obligation.
    The Agreement between you and Biwga is constituted in the terms and condition and it will help guide, navigate, direct and determine your use of Biwga and any of its products or services provided. The T&C controls the agreement and relationship between you and Biwga.
    It is compulsory that this T&C is reviewed regularly for up to date changes and modification. Biwga reserves the right to modify, change or alter any and all sections of these terms and conditions. These changes or modifications shall become effective immediately.
    It is important you agree that basically the user is entirely responsible for each individual item(s) of content that they produce, share or make available in Biwga. All downloads, files, information, products, software, programs, services, posts, images, video, audio and other content in Biwga that were created, shared or linked is the responsibility of the individual who created or originated such content.
    By using the service, you may encounter inaccurate, misleading, manipulative, indecent, questionable and even offensive content. Biwga cannot be held responsible for most content made available through our service. We also cannot control all content. Also, content may contain links to other websites, some of which are completely independent of Biwga. Linking to such websites is and should be done at your own risk. In terms of content authenticity we cannot verify unless specified.
    Biwga does not police, moderate or screen posts and contents. However we can refuse, move, remove or delete entirely any content we believe is in violation of our T&C or for any other reason. Biwga cannot and is not be responsible for any situations of damage in any way as a result of the use of any content posted, shared or made available. You must accept any or all liabilities that occur with, the use of such and any content.
    By posting, creating or sharing content in Biwga, you agree and approve that you authorize or have the right to authorize Biwga without any limits or limitations, the license to display, publish, share, copy and use the content. You also bestow Biwga all rights necessary to prevent and disallow any collection, recreation, duplication, copying or modification of the content for any intention by individuals, programs, software or entity (living and non-living) without biwga permission or authorization.
    Also, you cannot recreate, redistribute, modify or copy any content from Biwga without our approval. Please abide by any and all copyright materials in Biwga or in any of our products and services. Do not use any of Biwga or its products and services for any commercial reasons. Biwga is protected by copyright laws and international treaties.
    By using the Biwga website or any of its services signifies your agree to abide by our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy lists and describes how your personal information is collected and used for our services. It can be read here .
    By and when using Biwga’s, do not share, post, or make content that:
    1) assumes the identity of any individual or entity, including, but not limited to, a Biwga employee, false representation of affiliation with an individual or entity. Exposing or sharing information about another person that is personal without their consent is also strictly prohibited.
    2) is pornographic or engages in detailed description of any form of sexual conduct and experience.
    3) violates any national, state or local law. Also content that discriminates on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, age, religion, sexuality, disability is prohibited. This includes preferential treatments, harassments, degradation, intimidation or hate toward an individual or group of individuals.
    4) is harmful to children, minors or being abusive and intrusive in any way to someone’s privacy.
    5) promotes, recommends, sells or advertises items, products and services that are illegal, prohibited or restricted by any federal or state laws. A list of prohibited items, products and services including without limitation can be found here.
    6) are incorrect, misleading, manipulative and deceptive whether posted intentionally or not.
    7) includes referrals and links to websites and any other entity that includes or contains junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, link referral code, or unsolicited ads.
    8) you do not have any rights without permission to share or make available especially if it violates and infringes on any trademark, copyright, patent or other proprietary rights.
    9) destabilizes and interrupts any software, hardware, communications equipment by using computer viruses, files, software codes or programs.
    10) uses false or misleading email addresses.
    Also do not:
    11) aggregate or try to aggregate personal information about users and members or make unsolicited efforts to users and members for any commercial or unlawful reasons.
    12) engage in stalking or harassing users or members, contacting or trying to contact users and members who has asked not to be contacted.
    13) post unreasonable large or irrelevant content.
    14) use the flagging tool for unnecessary reasons like flagging against competitors.
    15) try to gain unauthorized access to Biwga's computer and database systems
    16) participate in illegal operations like hacking that interferes and interrupts with the performance, quality, functionality and effectiveness of Biwga.
    17) engage in the use of any automated device or program that submits posts and contents on Biwga either in large bulk or timely intervals without authorization from Biwga. Content has to be manually entered by the creator or author or by using Biwga data feed system.
    18) download any form of data from the Service using automated spiders, programs, software or other means without permission from Biwga.
    Subject to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), Biwga will remove any content that infringes upon any copyrights or intellectual property. If you are the owner of the copyright material or have authorization on behalf of the owner to claim any form of copyright infringement or intellectual property violation, notify by emailing us at; Claims

    Or write to us at:
    Claims at Biwga
    66 Northwood Court
    North Babylon, NY
    11703, USA
    Please identify the material on the Biwga site with enough details like links so that we may locate it on the website. Also include your address, telephone number, email address and your physical or electronic signature.
    Communications and interactions with members, individuals, users, companies, brands, institutions, organizations, websites and businesses including payment and delivery of items, products or services with any other representations like terms, conditions, warranties or others associated with such transactions, are entirely between you and the other party. Biwga is not to be held accountable for any sort of loss or damage that occurs due to the transactions taking place between the parties involved.
    We recommend that users carefully determine and decide the legitimacy of such transactions and the third parties providing them by making sure things are appropriate before dealing in such transactions both on the internet and in person.
    Disagreements and disputes between users on this site, or between users and any third party should be solved amicably between parties. If you have any disagreement or dispute with one or more other users, Biwga, or any of its employees, representatives and successors in rights is hereby excluded and completely free from any damages, claims and demands in any form. Biwga is not required or obligated to become involved.
    The content in Biwga can link or connect you to third party content including products and services, software, programs, networks, servers, databases, information, web sites, directories, applications and the Internet.. These content has absolutely no relationship whatsoever to Biwga unless explicitly stated by us.
    Violators and accomplices of spam will be held accountable to civil and criminal actions for violation of out terms & conditions. Sending unnecessary email, messages or advertisements to our users and members through their email addresses or through Biwga messaging systems is strictly prohibited.
    Do not use any agent, service or party that offers to post content in Biwga on your behalf without permission from Biwga. Posting Agents who would want and are permitted to post content on behalf of others are required to obtain permission or authorization from Biwga.
    Even though Biwga is primarily a free service for our users and members, a number of our premium services charge certain fees to post premium content. Premium services do not exclude their users from agreeing with our T&C. All premium fees are absolutely non-refundable unless otherwise stated. All fees paid are also non-refundable in any situation were premium content provided is removed from Biwga because it violated our T&C.
    Biwga can and will deactivate or delete any post or content for any reason if there is any violation to our terms and conditions. Biwga, in its own full rights and authority but not the obligation can suspend, block, deactivate or delete immediately, your membership, IP address or access to any of our services with or without notice. It is compulsory that you attempt not to use any of our services after termination unless otherwise stated for browsing and informational purposes only. Biwga is not liable to you or any party for terminating your use and access to any of our services.
    You are allowed to display or create links on your website, blogs or personal online media of up to and not more than one hundred (100) items to Biwga or our homepage for noncommercial purposes only. This is allowed on the condition that Biwga or any of its employees, affiliates and parties are not represented in any dishonest, degrading or disrespectful manner.
    Biwga allows you to use or access our service for your own personal use. However, this license does not include aggregation, reproduction, display and use by any data collecting software, tools and programs for any purpose or access by thid party agents representing you unless permitted and authorized by Biwga. Exceptions include search engines and non-commercial entities that gather information for links using recognizable spiders, agents or robots. These exceptions does not include any business that provides listings services without Biwga authorization and permission.
    You are permitted and authorized to display or link to our RSS feeds on your website or blog for personal, non-commercial purposes only. By embedding our RSS links, it does not conclude that any content, products or services available in the RSS feed is endorsed by Biwga. It is important that each link is linked back to the original content on Biwga when it is clicked on. Reference to ' Biwga ' as the source of RSS links is required but not compulsory. All rights to terminate or suspend at any time the RSS feeds and contents are solely the entitlement of Biwga without questioning. Redistribution, abuse and other examples not mentioned of the RSS feed is prohibited. Using any of Biwga services beyond what is permitted and authorized to you by Biwga must be approved by Biwga. Any action that violates this authorization immediately suspends or terminates any authorization, permission or license to you.
    Biwga reserves the right to change or discontinue any or part of the Services we offer with or without any notice or announcements at any given period of time. Biwga will not be liable to you or to any third party for any change or discontinuance of the Service. Biwga can establish various rules and conditions to maximize the use of our resources like the availabilty, size and frequency of posts and contents. Biwga has no responsibility or liability for the removal or storage of any content maintained or transferred.
    By using Biwga and any of our services, you agree that you are doing so at your own individual risk as our service is provided on an ‘As Is’ basis without any form or type of warranty whatsoever. Biwga does not provide any warranty for content, links, products and services provided or advertised by our users, members, advertisers, or any third party. All available warranty of any product or services provided or advertised in Biwga is the responsibility of the third party provider and any claims or inquiries should be referred to them. There are also no warranties provided on the security, consistency and functionality of Biwga, our website or any of our services provided. There is no warranty of any kind in Biwga unless otherwise stated.
    Biwga is not liable or responsible under any circumstance for any form or type of damages whatsoever as a result of using Biwga or any of its services, third party products and services, links and advertisement regardless of how it occurs.
    If there are any damages or liabilities to Biwga or to any of our affiliates or to other third parties from your misuse and abuse of Biwga or any of its services, you agree to indemnify or compensate Biwga which could include any legal fees and costs arising from the posts or content submitted through Biwga, any violation of our terms and conditions or any violation of the rights and intellectual properties of individuals and entities and others not stated while holding Biwga (its employees, its affiliates or any of its participating entities) free and harmless from any claim or demand made by any third party.
    If you notice or suspect any violations of the T&C, please report by us by emailing to: Flag Activity
    Because damages and costs to Biwga due to the violation of our T&C can be sometimes be very hard to determine, it is important that you accept that Biwga can and will pursue or take legal action if necessary to enforce our T&C. After fair and careful analysis, calculation of the cost, quantity and extent of such damages, you will be liable to pay Biwga the proposed determined amount for the violation.
    18. FEEDBACK
    We welcome your questions and comments here
    Or in the Biwga Feedback Forum if you are a member.
    Or in the Biwga Support Center if you are a member.


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